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Accelerate sector development & diversification
Companies attracted and expanded 67 87 82
Trade and investment deals supported 6 4 13
Direct/indirect jobs created/retained 5,719  8,074  11,455
Film production $178M $181M  $197M
Inspire stakeholder collaboration
Completion of economic strategy tactics  87% 87% 93%
Startup Calgary client funding 16 26 42
Non-core funding $2.4M $2.5M  $2.95M
Enhance Calgary’s image
Canadian business leaders have favourable perception of Calgary 79% NA 81%
Build an authentic brand for Calgary Economic Development 
Favourability of people who work with Calgary Economic Development 83% 79% 78%
Clients using Calgary Economic Development research 23% 21% 24%


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key Initiatives

Calgary in the New Economy

The momentum around implementation of Calgary in the New Economy in 2019 is evidence of the city embracing disruption to set a foundation for long-term prosperity.

The economic strategy, created by Calgarians in 2018 to help future-proof their city, identifies leading the digital transformation of industry as a key catalyst for growth for Calgary. It aligns the City of Calgary, its civic partners, private sector, educators and community stakeholders around a common goal.

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Calgary is the city of choice for the world’s best entrepreneurs. We embrace technology to solve the world’s greatest challenges: cleaner energy, safe and secure food, efficient movement of goods and people and better health solutions.

As economic uncertainty increases worldwide, the strategy’s four areas of focus – Talent, Innovation, Place, and Business Environment – remain key underlying drivers of growth.

Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund

The portfolio of investments from the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund took shape in 2019, its first full year of operation, with seven agreements announced that will be catalysts to achieve the vision in the Calgary in the New Economy.

The Fund is an initiative from the City of Calgary that is managed by Calgary Economic Development with oversight and direction from an independent Board of Directors.

At year-end 2019, almost 25 per cent of the $100 million Fund had been approved for nine projects since its launch in April 2018. Companies only receive funds after specific metrics are reached and just over $7 million was distributed in 2019.

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By the numbers (2019)


Projects Supported


Funds Committed


Jobs Secured


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With the rapid advancement of technology across all industries, there is a widening gap between the available talent and the skills required for the jobs in the digital economy.

Calgary Economic Development is working to create a talent pipeline. We are doing it in collaboration with post-secondary institutions; training for our displaced workers to pivot to tech jobs, and a talent-attraction campaign to change the narrative about Calgary. 



Life Tech, Love Life

Live Tech Love Life is a talent attraction campaign launched in 2019 to position Calgary as the one city in Canada where you can truly live tech and love life – where you can do meaningful, disruptive work in tech and enjoy an unparalleled quality of life.

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