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Farmer sitting on his tractor wheel using his laptop

From product innovations to digital marketplaces, analytics to automation, one of the most established industries - agriculture - is being reshaped through technology.

Described in a recent Fast Company article, one of technology’s final frontiers may be reshaping one of the most traditional industries. And helping farmers scale will help everyone; studies show that by 2050, the world will have three billion more mouths to feed.

How do we use technology to make farming smarter, more productive and sustainable?

Local intelligence, global growth

Helping farms to simplify decisions, local Calgary company Decisive Farming supports farms with technology to help make the best-informed decisions. A team grown from the agriculture sector, Decisive Farming really understands the sector and the opportunities that technology will afford. 

Remi Schmaltz, CEO and Director of Decisive Farming, shared his reflections on ag-tech and how Calgary’s ideal location translates to opportunities.

1. Technology is disrupting every industry – and agriculture is no exception - what changes are you taking notice of?

Farm-management platforms are amassing large data sets that can now have AI, block-chain and analytics applied to them. The benefit back to the farm is eliminating data entry, creating value-added agriculture and simplifying decisions.

Agriculture is unique in that a farmer only gets 30 tries at growing a crop in their career. So, when farmers adopt a technology, ultimately adapting the way they do things, they are doing it with a lot of trust. 

2. Several trends are pushing ag-tech forward. What trends are Decisive Farming watching closely? 

The big push of ag-tech is about advancing the creation of value-added food by meeting economic, social and environmental requirements of the end consumer. Ag-tech is about advancing agriculture and making it scalable - by enabling knowledge for more efficiencies than ever before.

3. What has made the biggest difference for your company in the past few years?

As our technology has matured we now have over 1,500 farmers producing $1.5B in crops annually on our platform. The momentum in the market has really started to build upon itself. The same can be said for talent. We recently just had some top talent join our senior management team. Good people bring good people!

4. What opportunities do you see for companies in agriculture, in Calgary?

Calgary has a huge opportunity to be the central distribution hub of value-added agriculture for western Canada. It’s proximity to markets, diversity of crops grown, and logistical infrastructure puts it in a unique position.  Calgary is home to head offices from some of the largest agriculture companies globally. There is a huge agriculture network here and a large talent pool to draw from.

Agriculture in Alberta has a rich history and a stellar global reputation – we have a huge opportunity to play a much bigger part in feeding the world and being a significant contributor to the global ecosystem.


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