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Indiewire CFCL piece

This article about the Calgary Film Centre Limited was published in the winter edition of Indiescreen. 

Not so long ago, there was a critical need in Calgary for infrastructure to support year-round film and TV production. Today, a once-vacant 8.35-acre lot is now graced by a sleek white building: the Calgary Film Centre Limited (CFCL), home to three purpose-built sound stages and three multipurpose workshops and warehouses. When it opened in May 2016, its arrival was accompanied by something of a sigh of relief. As Seven24 Films executive producer and managing partner Tom Cox puts it, “It was a very, very welcome addition to the landscape.” 

Creating the $28-million, 80,000-square-foot facility was far from a slam dunk. Luke Azevedo, commissioner of Calgary’s Film, Television & Creative Industries, laughs when asked for an estimate of how many years it took to turn the vision into bricks and mortar.

"Depending on who you talk to, between 30 and 130 years,” says Azevedo with a smile. “As is common with projects of this scale, it was challenging but extremely worthwhile. The Film Centre has helped diversify the economy, grow jobs and put a spotlight on the province.”

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