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Rich Vesta, CEO of Harmony Beef

It’s also the environmentally progressive facility’s greatest strength.

Drawing on the technology to recycle water and reduce the environmental impact of steam-assisted oil production, Calgary’s own Harmony Beef developed a revolutionary water-handling process to drastically reduce consumption and generate far less wastewater.

Similar to recycle ratios in Alberta’s oil sector, the plant’s industry-leading water handling facility is able to reuse as much as 94 per cent of the water from its beef-processing operations, saving about 1.6 million gallons of fresh water per week.

Their commitment doesn’t end at conservation. The company has also built a solid business foundation on its meticulous attention to product quality, management and the importance of partnerships between customers and suppliers.

And because of that, the family-owned business is producing Alberta beef that meets strict guidelines for imported meat, allowing one of our province’s finest exports to reach untapped international markets.

Harmony Beef takes great pride in living up to its name through unparalleled systems, superior service, and premium products that build trust and strengthen relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Food safety is one of its top priorities with the realization that innovation is essential for growth.

Harmony Beef’s core values align with those of Alberta ranchers and farmers where there is a deep appreciation for animals, nature and sustainability.

The quality of the beef is shaped by the land - the landscape, cooler climate, and rich grasslands and fields – along with the plant’s commitment to operating in innovative ways, making for hardy cattle in harmony with our exceptional Alberta nature.

For more information about Harmony Beef, please visit their website

BY Jennifer Arthurs

Director, Marketing

Marketing & Communications

Jennifer joined our marketing communications team in 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan. Prior to joining Calgary Economic Development, Jennifer worked in management roles in packaged goods and telecommunications, and most recently was a consultant for the Calgary Stampede.

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