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Calgary’s digital media (DM) sector is experiencing rapid growth, with no signs of slowing down. In 2016, it was estimated that $489 million in GDP was generated by the DM sector in Calgary, supporting 5,500 full-time employees (Nordicity, 2018). The city’s headquarter culture means that your DM services are in demand. Calgary’s corporate landscape creates consistent demand for digital advertising services and commercial digital content creation. Our diverse industry leaders will be your partners as you unlock the potential of doing business in Calgary. Plus, the cost advantages and access to skilled talent mean you’ll see the ROI on your CRO campaign in no time.

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Tori Romano

Business Development Manager, Interactive Digital Media

You’ll be in good company

Calgary is home to a number of world-class digital media companies.

The place to grow your business

In a 2017 Calgary Digital Media Strategy Survey, conducted by Nordicity, local firms reported an average annual revenue of $572,000, with 14 per cent reporting more than $5 million in revenues. The survey also found that all companies expected growth in the next year or two, more than 27 per cent of which expected significant growth of 40 per cent or more. In Calgary, you can grow your business in a mature market and succeed on an international scale.



"While there is plenty of innovation in Calgary, there is simply less hiring competition, and as a result, atVenu is able to build a talented team with much lower turnover than is normal in Silicon Valley."

Derek Ball, CEO and Co-Founder, atVenu

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Industry-leading Conferences & Events

Some of the largest and most influential industry conferences in North America are hosted in and around Calgary.

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Tori Romano

Tori Romano

Business Development Manager, Interactive Digital Media