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Alberta is home to a wealth of small studios and indie developers in the gaming industry. The industry was put on the map in 1996 when the Edmonton studio BioWare released Shattered Steel. BioWare was one of the largest independent studios in Canada and was purchased by Electronic Arts (for $620 million) in 2017 (one of the largest tech acquisitions in Canadian history). 

Calgary is growing the game. There are over 60 companies working on video games and/or immersive media products and services. A 2019 Nordicity survey found that over 200 people were working in the video games and immersive media industry in Calgary – with 70 per cent of companies looking to hire roughly five people over the next year. The Calgary Game Developer’s Association (CGDA) has over 850 members. Our talent pipeline is highly educated, with a strong desire to work in games.

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Tori Romano

Business Development Manager, Interactive Digital Media

Growing the game in Calgary

You’re among good company in Calgary. Get to know some of our industry leaders.

Calgary’s Gaming Ecosystem 

Calgary’s gaming ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth. From developers to players, here’s how the numbers stack up.

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Key Partners & Associations

Play Along

Whether it’s events, activities or training, there’s no shortage of ways to play along with gaming in Calgary.

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Tori Romano

Tori Romano

Business Development Manager, Interactive Digital Media