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Digital transformation is quickly becoming the largest driver of new solutions and technology investments among Calgary businesses. It’s projected that Calgary’s creative industries sector will spend $566 million on digital transformation from 2022 to 2024, and virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), AI systems and machine learning have been identified as key engines of growth.

There are over 60 companies working on video games and/or immersive media products and services. A 2019 Nordicity survey found that over 200 people were working in the video games and immersive media industry in Calgary – with 70 per cent of companies looking to hire roughly five people over the next year. The Calgary Game Developer’s Assocation (CGDA) boasts a headcount of over 850 members, the majority of which are ready to work talent.


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Tori Romano

Business Development Manager, Interactive Digital Media

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"Alberta is surprisingly strong in AR/VR technology. It would seem like a strange sector to come out of oil and gas country, but as it turns out the type of architectural and industrial challenges that AR/VR is great at solving are also common in the oil and gas industry. Many Alberta AR/VR companies have built great industrial solutions that are now being broadly applied to AR/VR as a whole.

In Calgary, where ZeroKey is headquartered, we have a very strong and world-renowned academic community in the field of geomatics, which includes technologies related to positioning like GPS. This expertise is the whole reason ZeroKey exists today; without that background in positioning technologies we could have never developed the technology that we have."

Matt Lowe, CEO, ZeroKey

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Tori Romano

Tori Romano

Business Development Manager, Interactive Digital Media