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Alberta is home to Canada’s first and largest province-wide, fully integrated healthcare system, which serves a population of nearly 4.3 million patients through Canada’s only single-window health access system. With research and clinical expertise and a critical mass of companies leading the development of innovations that are solving critical health challenges, there is a significant opportunity for life sciences companies to leverage Calgary’s world-class research assets and commitment to investment.




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Niall Kerrigan

Business Development Manager, Life Sciences

Leading the Way

Calgary is home to more than 110 life sciences companies. With this critical mass of research, technical talent and expertise, Calgary is leading the way in addressing global health issues.

Driven to Create the Future of Health

The University of Calgary is a recognized research leader in brain and mental health, biomedical engineering, chronic diseases and cardiovascular sciences. They have attracted some of the best research talent from around the world and have created unique facilities for understanding human health.

Creating the Next Generation

The Life Sciences Innovation Hub at the University of Calgary supports research-intensive companies to deliver commercially-viable products and services to market by providing access to infrastructure, expertise and startup services. It features 35,000 square feet of wet and dry lab space, access to equipment, and trained technicians and equipment calibration.

HATCH-YYC is Calgary’s first health technology accelerator and will incubate at least 55 health-tech companies over five years, creating 300+ jobs in digital health. It will provide companies access to a privacy-compliant communication platform as well as system integration with industry leaders in healthcare and collaboration with target patients and service providers.


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Niall Kerrigan

Niall Kerrigan

Business Development Manager, Life Sciences