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In a world where businesses are in the market for top talent and prime real estate, Calgary has something to sell.

What separates Calgary from the crowd when companies are looking to grow their business are the availability of highly educated workers and the wealth of premium office and industrial space. And there’s the Rocky Mountain playground nearby to add to the lifestyle that attract and retains bright, young workers to Calgary.

The focus on investment attraction is greater than ever for Calgary Economic Development in 2017 and trade missions to tech centres in the U.S., Asia and elsewhere at the forefront of our activities. With the world-class talent in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills from the energy sector our focus is on industrial applications of technology rather than consumer products.

The focus on technology isn’t limited to the high-tech sector but is applied to every industry from energy to agribusiness.

“This whole opportunity with Calgary is really around this industrial internet of things and creating a centre of excellence for it,” Moran said in an interview with CBC Radio from San Francisco.

If Calgary didn’t have enough selling points, a study from AIRINC, a global research company that works with over half the Fortune 100, was recently released ranking cities worldwide for the greatest financial rewards and lifestyle. Calgary was rated an impressive ninth among 400 cities.

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