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There’s an energy in Calgary that exhilarates, invigorates and motivates. It’s a place of big skies and big ideas. Nothing is etched in stone, anything is possible and everything is on the horizon, including a Rocky Mountain playground that will take your breath away.

Calgary is an economic force and a catalyst for today’s trailblazers. There’s an intense, urban vitality here that unleashes the bold, can-do spirit of entrepreneurs and innovators, artists and athletes. Our city’s vibrancy and competitive spirit drive commerce, culture and sport. In every endeavour, we are risk-takers and visionaries, and we are thriving. Our lifestyle is active, our perspective is global and our Western values run deep. Volunteerism is in our blood. A handshake still means something. And who you are is more important than who you know or where you’re from. This is a diverse city that embraces change and change-makers, and supports and sustains its communities and its people. There is opportunity here – to start a business, start a new life or start an adventure. And everyone is welcome to be part of the energy.

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