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Calgary's Education Advantage

Calgary is a dynamic centre for learning, offering outstanding educational option from pre-school to the city's post-secondary institutions. Calgary's learning environment profiles a variety of world-class programs to prepare its students for the challenges that lie ahead.

Elementary & secondary

Class size

Since the inception of the Class Size Initiative in 2004/2005, government has invested $1.2 billion to enhance student learning experiences. In a 2009/2010 survey of Alberta school jurisdictions, the average class size ranged between 18.5 to 22.8 students from kindergarten to grade 12.

Special needs

Under the provincial School Act school boards are required to provide educational programs for every resident student, including those with special needs. School board staff work collaboratively with parents of students who are gifted and talented or who have mild, moderate or severe disabilities to provide individualized learning programs that help students reach their potential.

Pre-school and daycare

In Alberta, Children's Services sets the standards for daycares, nursery schools, drop-in centres and family day homes. Children Services also offer subsidies to help lower income parents cover the costs of day care.


Calgary’s post-secondary educational landscape is alive with variety and possibilities. Its institutions offer diverse experiences such as distance learning, travel study, practicum, internships and apprenticeships in addition to learning in an academic setting. Programs cater to international students and those interested in lifelong learning, as well as students fresh from secondary school.

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