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Calgary's Lifestyle Advantage

Calgary's citizens enjoy a lifestyle envied by many. The City has all the benefits of a large metropolitan and sophisticated centre enjoyed in a relaxed and friendly lifestyle typical of Calgary's legendary western hospitality. Calgary's dynamic and innovative spirit, superior workforce, and clean and safe environment make Calgary a world-class city and a global business choice. Calgary has a lifestyle focused on family, community and wellness. Calgary is a community rich in the arts, culture, entertainment and leisure activities and venues. Calgary boasts the most extensive urban pathway and bikeway system in North America (700 km along rivers, 260 km of on-street bikeways), along with abundant green space and parks (3,000 sites).



Cultural events and attractions

Major cultural events draw over three million in attendance to downtown festivals annually, and the city houses world-class attractions and sporting amenities, including:

Climate & weather

The Calgary area enjoys a mild and ever-changing climate. During the summer months the temperatures can vary dramatically, with temperatures soaring into the 30s and dropping far below that during the night. Calgary has the sunniest winter months with an average of 2,300 hours of sunshine annually.

Because of its close proximity to the mountains the region has become famous for its Chinooks; a warm, dry wind, most noticeable in the winter, that causes the temperature to rise above freezing.

Calgary is ranked first out of Canada's 100 largest cities by Environment Canada for the sunniest days year-round and in the winter.

Calgary weather fast facts

Summer temperature (June - August)

  • Daily average: 15.2 C (59.4 F)
  • Daily maximum: 21.9 C (71.4 F)

Winter temperature (December - February

  • Daily average: -7.5 C (18.5 F)
  • Daily maximum: -1.4 C (29.5 F)

Rainfall per year is 321 mm (12.6 inches)

Snowfall per year is 127 cm (50 inches)

Calgary Economic Development has developed, a one stop resource for people considering a move to Calgary, providing information on everything from homes and communities, to education and arts and culture. To learn more about Calgary's lifestyle advantage, visit


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