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Calgary is a bustling and vibrant urban centre, surrounded on all sides by boundless nature.

Calgary sits in the sunny eastern foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains in the heart of Alberta, where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet. It is the major urban centre for the entire southern half of the province of Alberta, and is surrounded by an area of profound beauty with an unspoiled, resource-rich natural environment. A province in Western Canada, Alberta is located along the Canada-U.S. border in the northern half of the North American continent.

The city itself is ringed by 19 municipalities and jurisdictions, each with its own characteristics and unique appeal. To learn more, visit the Calgary Region section.

Calgary lies at the intersection of two major highway systems. The Trans-Canada Highway reaches across the vast country from ocean to ocean, while the CANAMEX Corridor extends north/south from Canada to Mexico. To learn more about Calgary's location advantage, visit the Calgary advantage and the transportation & logistics section.

Location 51.6 N; 114.1 W
Geographical Size 848 square kilometers
Elevation 1,048 metres (3,438 feet) above sea level


Map of Alberta

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