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Labour Market Overview

The Calgary labour force has grown dramatically over the past decade, due to growth in Alberta’s energy sector and its spin-off effects.

CED Productivity

Growth in the labour force has been driven by immigration, inter-provincial migration and increased labour force participation. However, in recent years, Calgary’s labour market has started to tighten, and employers are building recruitment strategies to attract new talent from locations across Canada and around the world. 

Labour market facts

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Post-secondary graduates

Calgary has a number of post-secondary institutions that provide world-class training and position new graduates for successful careers in their chosen field. Canada’s labour force has one of the highest levels of educational attainment in the world and Calgary’s levels of post-secondary completion are among the highest in Canada. This is reflected in the fact that Calgary has one of the fastest-growing and largest concentrations of workers in the professional, scientific and technical services industry in North America.

Recruitment outside of Calgary

For employers looking for talent outside of the city, Calgary Economic Development released its 2012 Demand and Labour Supply Study. The study looked at 25 in-demand occupations for Calgary, and the top cities for employers to recruit from in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The study also identified the top 500 in-demand occupations for Calgary in the coming years. To learn more about the study, contact the sector specialist.

To view the full 2012 Demand and Labour Supply Study, click here.

Employers additionally have two government programs to support the hiring of temporary foreign workers. To learn more about hiring temporary foreign workers, visit Hiring Foreign Workers.

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