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Calgary Economic Development has compiled research reports and economic data for employers and the human resources community. These reports include demand and labour supply studies and labour forecasts.


Transition your career to tech with the Tech Employment Platform

In collaboration with the Information & Communications Technology Council (ICTC), Calgary Economic Development conducted a study to better understand the most in-demand digital occupations and their associated skill sets in the city. Profiles of highly-skilled displaced occupations - mainly from the oil & gas sector - were completed, showcasing the relevant skills that these workers already had, compared to upskilling requirements.

The study resulted in a tool highlighting upskilling pathways for displaced professionals, and supporting their successful transition to in-demand careers, particularly in technology-focused roles.

Using this tool, you can easily map your current career and existing skillset to in-demand opportunities. Have a look to see where you may have skill or knowledge gaps, and learn where you can access training and education programs to fill those gaps in order to transition to an exciting future in tech.

For current, historic and forecast labour force data (including unemployment figures), visit the economic indicators section.

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